P.W. Singer and August Cole recently published their second work of fiction – Burn In: A Novel About The Real Robotic Revolution. While it is a fiction, it uses over 300 examples of what might happen as robotics and revolution change the world over the next two decades.

In this episode I talk with Peter Singer about:

  • The difference in writing and impact on the world in writing fiction and non-fiction.
  • The book shows a more dark than light future, is this Peter’s projection of the future or a vehicle to move the plot / provide the tension a buddy cop story needs?
  • Does Peter see this as a human or robot choice or more of a cobot approach the James Wilson talks about in his Human + Machine book? Peter notes ‘expert studies’ have a range from 9% to 47% jobs going away due to automation, with more of the studies coming out at the top end of this range.
  • How did the past major employment disruption with large farms and the industrial revolution affect the book and his view on what will happen with the automation job disruption. (Great bit on the Luddites in Peter’s answer)
  • BTW … ICS gets a lot better at defense in this book, and I ask Peter what an ICS security professional should be doing to enhance their career in this future world.

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