The ICS Security Month in Review episodes cover two to three big stories from the month plus a win, a fail and a prediction.

This month’s stories include:

  • S4x21’s cancellation and S4x22 dates
  • (7:01) Ransomware in ICS
  • (12:30) SCIDMark and other ICS cyber incident databases
  • (16:50) Is the Airgap myth still believed by asset owners?
  • (21:51) Wins, Fails and Predication

This is a solosode, as my planned guest got sick (not Covid). And I also start the podcast with some information on S4x21’s cancellation and S4x22.


S4x21 Is Cancelled

German death due to ransomware article

UHS ransomware incident


Sanjay Chhillar ICS Security Myth Presentation

Shodan ICS Page

DoE program to create and evaluate Schneider Electric SBOM (CyTRICS)

DoE funding NRECA ICS Detection Tool