Want something to feel good about as 2020 draws to a close? The impact of cyber attacks on ICS again this year, and every year since 2001, was very small. Extremely small. This includes financial impact, service impact, safety impact, environmental impact and any other impact you can think of. This despite the warnings that the next Pearl Harbor, Cuban Missile Crisis or Armageddon was coming.

A frequently asked question is “why don’t we see more attacks and consequences from cyber attacks on ICS?” I have some thoughts, and that’s a different article (feel free to give your reasons in the comments). It’s not because they are hard targets. If a dozen of S4 regulars decided to go evil they could cause havoc and non-small consequences. 

So let’s just count our blessings that we got through what was a successful year in terms of the end goal of not have large consequence events due to ICS security failures.


Next week I’ll review the status of predictions I made throughout 2020.

And feeling the Christmas spirit, I ordered 300 S4x21 swag boxes for past S4 attendees. I’ll let you know how to claim yours after the first of the year.