S4x24 is March 4 - 7 in Miami South Beach

Dale Peterson is the Founder and Program Chair of S4 events. Details on the events is found at the S4 Events website and videos from S4 sessions are available on the S4 Events YouTube Channel. S4 is designed for early adopters and pioneers who are experienced in ICS security. The mantra of the event is Create The Future.

S4x23 was the largest and most advanced ICS security event to date.

  • 1,105 attendees from 28 countries
  • 3 stages for 3 days
  • ICS CTF run by the ICS Village
  • Pwn2Own Miami run by ZDI
  • SBOM Challenge run by INL
  • And amazing social events including the Welcome Party at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, the Cabana Sessions around the Surfcomber pool, and the Craft Beer Bash

It is hard to explain in words how S4 is different than other ICS security events. A lot of it is the community that comes to S4 and the spirirt they bring. Ask someone who has attended and see if it is right for you … either as an attendee or a speaker.