ICS Product Categories and Composition

ICS Product Categories and Composition

Thinking Out Loud … The ICS Detection market is new and highly competitive as covered in an early article. A question as interesting as who will be the winners in this market, is what the composition and capabilities of the winning solutions will be? The diagram...

The Future of the ICS Cyber Security Detection Market

The ICS Cyber Security Detection market has 20+ vendors chasing this niche with most focused on passive network monitoring to create an asset inventory and identify cyber incidents. I’ve written on this developing market, interviewed participants on stage and in...

Let’s Kill (Or Correct) The Term “Cyber Hygiene” In ICS 

Hygiene was obviously selected by Andy and many others because it is easy to understand from its common usage, and who can possibly be against hygiene. Wash your hands before eating. Brush your teeth. Take a bath or shower. Change into clean clothes. Oh yes, we need cyber hygiene.

The easiest way to see the misuse and flaws in this term is that periodic wellness exams and vaccinations are not hygiene. Not everything a person does, and little a person has done for them, to maintain health is considered hygiene.

If we must keep the term cyber hygiene, then cyber hygiene should only include: