Dale Peterson performed his first work in ICS security during a water SCADA assessment in 2000. In the last 20+ years Dale and his team have many firsts in the field. Now Dale puts his energy on digging out best in world research and ideas to put on the S4 stage.

2003: First ICS Security blog

2004: First IDS Signatures for ICS (Modbus TCP and DNP3)

2006: First Nessus ICS Plugins (Modbus and ICCP)

2006: First ICS Honeypot (mimicked a Modicon Quantum PLC)

2007: First ICS Vulnerability disclosed through a CERT (ICCP, Matt Franz)

2007: First ICS Compliance Auditing (using Nessus, Jason Holcomb)

2008: First sending of ICS data, from PI Server, to SIEM for correlation and attack detection.

2009: First IDS Preprocessors for ICS (DNP3 and EtherNet/IP with Daniel Peck)

2012: First ICS Security Podcast – Unsolicited Response

2014: First ICS Village at S4x14

2015: First ICS Capture The Flag Competition at S4x15 (Stephen Hilt and Michael Toecker)