Twice a month Dale interviews someone doing innovative work in ICS security or a related field in his Unsolicited Response Podcast. The goal is to bring you new information and ideas that disrupt and interrupt conventional wisdom and established patterns in ICS and IIoT security.






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Podcast: P.W. Singer – Author of Burn In

P.W. Singer and August Cole recently published their second work of fiction – Burn In: A Novel About The Real Robotic Revolution. While it is a fiction, it uses over 300 examples of what might happen as robotics and revolution change the world over the next two decades.

Building & Using Digital Twins

Building & Using Digital Twins

An Interview with Mike Aylott of KBC There are many articles on digital twins that describe what they are and how they can help with predictive maintenance, efficiency studies, and other tasks of increasing interest and value. On the security side digital twins...

ICS Security – Month In Review – May

ICS Security – Month In Review – May

I've been wanting to start adding a month in review episode to the Unsolicited Response podcast ever since I became a fan of the Pivot podcast. Have a looser conversation on the stories of the month and then predictions, wins and fails with someone in the ICS security...


2020-15: Building and Using Digital Twins with Mike Aylott of KBC

2020-14: Matt Wyckhouse of Finite State on ICS Firmware Testing

2020-13: May – ICS Security Month In Review

2020-12: COVID-19 Impact on Careers, ICS Security and S4x21

2020-11: S4x20 Closing Panel

2020-10: Interview with Inventor and Legend Ed Schweitzer

2020-9: Interview with Bryan Owen of OSIsoft

2020-8: Tenable’s OT Strategy with Marty Edwards

2020-7: Thomas Parenty on Board of Directors Responsibility in Cyber Risk and Business Risk

2020-6: ICS Threat Intel with Sergio Caltagirone

2020-5: An Interview with Andy Greenberg – Author of Sandworm

2020-4: Kelly Jackson Higgins Interviews Dale

2020-3: The Cabana Sessions with Reid Wightman, Stephan Hilt and Lord Remorin

2020-2: Megan Samford on Incident Command System for ICS (ICS4ICS)

2020-1: Interview with DHS CISA Director Krebs


2019-14: Interview with Marina Krotofil

2019-13: Sean McBride on ICS Cybersecurity Education

2019-12: An Interview with Patrick Miller from Sochi, Russia

2019-11: S4x19 Closing Panel with Dale, Rob Lee and Zach Tudor

2019-10: Rockwell Automation Cybersecurity

2019-9: ForeScout’s Strategy Post SecurityMatters Acquisition

2019-8: An Interview with Jonathan Homer of DHS

2019-7: ICS Firewall Market Analysis and Software / Firmware Integrity with Eric Byres

2019-6: Truth or Consequences? … Consequence Based Risk Management Approaches

2019-5: Maritime Cybersecurity

2019-4: RSA Conference / ICS Village Report 

2019-3: Robert Graham Interview at S4x19 

2019-2: Is The Purdue Model Dead?

2019-1: 4 Takeaways from 2018 plus my S4x19 Mini-Keynote 

S4 Stage Interviews

Dale interviews Ed Schweitzer of SEL on the S4x20 Main Stage. Ed is a prolific inventor and still very technical almost 3 decades after he invented the digital relay and started SEL.

Dale interviewed Andy Greenberg, author of Sandworm, on the S4x20 Main Stage.

Claroty, Gravwell, Nozomi and Security Matters competed in the ICS Detection Challenge at S4x18. In this session Eric Byres, John Cusimano and Dale Peterson discuss the Asset Inventory portion of the contest.