Twice a month Dale interviews someone doing innovative work in ICS security or a related field in his Unsolicited Response Podcast. The goal is to bring you new information and ideas that disrupt and interrupt conventional wisdom and established patterns in ICS and IIoT security.






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Interview with CISA Director Krebs

Interview with CISA Director Krebs

We created a lot of great content at S4x20, including a number of interviews that we will be releasing in the podcast. This episode is my ~30 minute interview with DHS CISA Director Chris Krebs in the S4x20 Green Room....

Podcast: Interview with Marina Krotofil

Podcast: Interview with Marina Krotofil Marina Krotofil has been able to view the ICS security world from a number of perspectives. Beginning as an academic; working for an ICS vendor (Honeywell); working for an ICS security products...

Podcast: An Interview with Patrick Miller

Podcast: An Interview with Patrick Miller I took the opportunity to interview Patrick Miller while we were both in Sochi speaking at the Kaspersky KICS event. Patrick is a Founder and Managing Partner of Archer International, and he has been a...

Podcast: S4x19 Closing Panel

Podcast: S4x19 Closing Panel The S4 Closing Panel is always a candid discussion on where the community is in securing ICS, where we are succeeding and where need to do better. This year I was joined by Rob Lee of Dragos and...

Podcast: Rockwell Automation Cybersecurity

Podcast: Rockwell Automation Cybersecurity

In this episode of the Unsolicited Response Podcast I interview Megan Samford and Rick Cherney of Rockwell Automation. We cover two main topics. First, we discuss how they are dealing with...

S4 Stage Interviews

Dale interviews Justine Bone of MedSec about their disclosure of medical device vulns in conjunction with a company shorting the vendor’s stock.
ExxonMobil has led the effort to create the Open Process Automation forum for “developing a standards-based, open, secure, interoperable process control architecture.” Dale Peterson had an opportunity to ask Steve Bitar questions on OPA on the S4x17 stage.

Claroty, Gravwell, Nozomi and Security Matters competed in the ICS Detection Challenge at S4x18. In this session Eric Byres, John Cusimano and Dale Peterson discuss the Asset Inventory portion of the contest.