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Podcast: ATT&CK For ICS Evaluations

Podcast: ATT&CK For ICS Evaluations

Detecting Triton Type Attacks In this episode I talk with Otis Alexander of MITRE about ATT&CK for ICS Evaluations. We begin with a discussion on ATT&CK and the ICS version of ATT&CK. If you are familiar with this, skip to 17:09 where we begin our...

Podcast: Splunk’s OT Security Add-On

Podcast: Splunk’s OT Security Add-On

Most of the OT Detection and Asset Management solutions have developed 'integrations' with SIEMs, with Splunk and QRadar being the most common. I put integrations in quotes because they did little more than push alerts and events to the SIEMs with little context. This...

Podcast: What OT Can Learn From IT

Podcast: What OT Can Learn From IT

We hear it all the time. OT is different than IT, and IT doesn't understand OT. People argue about IT/OT convergence. In all these discussions I believe two things are true. OT doesn't really understand IT, and the similar, but not identical, requirements that mission...

Podcast: P.W. Singer – Author of Burn In

P.W. Singer and August Cole recently published their second work of fiction – Burn In: A Novel About The Real Robotic Revolution. While it is a fiction, it uses over 300 examples of what might happen as robotics and revolution change the world over the next two decades.

S4 Stage Interviews

Dale interviews Ed Schweitzer of SEL on the S4x20 Main Stage. Ed is a prolific inventor and still very technical almost 3 decades after he invented the digital relay and started SEL.

Dale interviewed Andy Greenberg, author of Sandworm, on the S4x20 Main Stage.

Back when Chris Krebs was the Director of DHS CISA, Dale had the opportunity to interview him in the S4 Green Room.

Back when Chris Krebs was the Director of DHS CISA, Dale had the opportunity to interview him in the S4 Green Room.

Dale interviews Derek Vadala of Moody’s in the S4 Green Room on their plans to issue Cyber Risk Ratings.


Accenture Operation: Next Closing Keynote ... March 24th

Dale will speak on Creating The Future of OT and ICS Security

S4x22 ... 25-27 Jan 2022 in Miami South Beach

Save the date. Big comeback event after one year off!

2021/2020 Past Events

ICS CYBERSEC 2021 Israel ... February 11th

Dale spoke on the topic of Less

Fortinet Secure OT 2020 Virtual 

Dale's keynote on Innovation Through Disruption.

Hack The Capitol Virtual

Led panel discussion on VC for ICS Security companies

OT-ISAC Virtual Keynote

ICSJWG Virtual Meeting

The Future of ICS Security Products (video)

S4x20 in Miami South Beach

See the videos from the event.