Email S4@digitalbond.com if you want to sponsor S4x19

Jan 15 – 17 in Miami South Beach

The S4 Event in Miami Beach is the best place to influence the influencers in ICS security (447 from 25 countries at S4x18). The event is designed to challenge the advanced ICS security audience that attends with new ideas, information, analysis and opinion. It’s leading / bleeding edge content in a unique and creative environment attracts the people in our industry that are embracing and leading change. It is the most receptive audience you will find if you are looking to market a new product or service.

S4x18 Attendees were asked to rate various parts of the event on a scale of 1(worst) to 10(best). The survey then added all of the scores together and divided by the number of respondents to calculate a weighted average.

The results show very happy attendees with an overall event rating of 8.5. And look at the score for the Cabana Sessions, also 8.5. The attendees enjoy the primary and dedicated opportunity Sponsors have to talk with the attendees. We hear every year about the long, detailed conversations sponsors have with customers and prospects during the cabana sessions.


  • The top ICS technical talent from asset owners are at S4 to learn the latest in attack techniques and how to protect against and detect these attacks
  • The CISO and Plant Managers from asset owners are at S4 to learn and get a head start on what is coming in the near and mid-term future
  • Governments and industry organizations worldwide send their best talent to S4
  • The ICS and ICS security vendors leading engineers and product line managers are at S4 to see how their offerings stand up and where they need to go in the future
  • And the top ICS security consultants … the people that recommend security products and strategies are at S4


BASIC SPONSOR (11 Total, 1 Left) at $15,000

The S4x19 Basic Sponsor Package includes:

  • A tabletop display Wednesday afternoon as part of the Cabana Sessions. Meet and inform potential clients and major industry influencers in a casual environment around the pool.
  • A 30-minute Sponsor Stage Presentation. This will be recorded for replay on the S4 YouTube Channel, and it can be used by the sponsor for any purpose. Note: Sponsor Stage speaker(s) do not receive a free ticket to the S4x19.
  • Recognition on all sponsor posters, banners, web pages and other S4x19 collateral.
  • Sponsor signage around the S4x19 venues.
  • Highlight your company with two PowerPoint slides shown during event breaks in the Main Stage and Stage 2.
  • Attendee info (name, company, title) provided one month and one week prior to S4x19 Week for planning and as well as after the event.
  • QR code on attendee badge will include the attendee’s email address.
  • Two complimentary admission tickets to all S4x19 sessions and social events.
  • Sponsor discount code providing a 10% discount.

CAPTURE THE FLAG (CTF) SPONSOR (3 Total, 1 Left) at $20,000

The S4 ICS Capture The Flag (CTF) competition has grown in popularity and now we have 40+ people that come primarily to play the CTF, and many more that visit the CTF or participate casually in the CTF. It is the premiere ICS CTF in the world with more complex and varied challenges and the best field of competitors.

This is a great opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the world at attacking ICS.

Changes to the CTF Sponsor Package for S4x19:

  • The CTF Room will move to the Box Office which is right off the Main Lobby, on the opposite side of the Sponsor Stage. We will not have tables for participants to work in the CTF room so that you can maximize your time with walk ins and contestants that are working on flags that require physical access to the equipment.
  • The CTF Sponsors will share a single large cabana during the Cabana Sessions. It will 3x+ the size of a Basic Sponsor Cabana. There will be some flags available only at the Cabana Sessions and require contestants to visit the CTF Sponsor Cabana.
  • We will more rigidly enforce the requirement that CTF Sponsors contribute to the creation of flags and the CTF network and contest.

The S4xCTF Sponsor Package includes all of the benefits of the Basic Sponsor Package with the following additions and changes:

  • A tabletop in the CTF Sponsor cabana in lieu of a Basic Sponsor cabana.
  • Full time access to a network tap in the CTF network.
  • Two participants on CTF support team. Participants are able to see all activity taking place in the CTF as well as attend the sessions and the social events. They will receive a badge that can access all of S4x19.
  • Listed as a CTF Sponsor in signage and collateral.

CTF sponsors are required to help create flags, setup the CTF, help run the CTF and otherwise participate in the CTF. We will be enforcing this more stringently at S4x19 and reserve the right to return the sponsor payment and cancel the sponsorship if there is not an adequate contribution to the CTF planned by September 15th. Please only consider this slot if you are committed to active participation in the CTF.


WELCOME PARTY SPONSOR (3 Total, Sold Out) at $25,000

The Welcome Party is held for two hours on Tuesday after the first day’s events. It’s outside at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens with food, drink, music and unique entertainment. It scored a 9 out of 10 in the Attendee Survey from S4x18. It’s great fun.

This is the only Sponsor Package that that has a display in the Theater Lobby, and there are only three tables total. There is no other sponsor activity in the Main Lobby during S4x19.

Your presence at the Party itself should focused on branding or a simple message in a clever and fun way. We will work with you on this. There is not a tabletop to show equipment or hand out literature at the party. We encourage Welcome Party Sponsors to have a fun activity that ties into the message delivered in the lobby that day and throughout the event.

This is by far the best package if you can execute on it.

The Welcome Party Package includes the Basic Sponsor Package Benefits +

  • Tabletop display in the Jackie Gleason Theater Main Lobby all day on Tuesday, Jan 15.
  • Signage at the Welcome Party and recognition in selected Welcome Party announcements.
  • Opportunity to provide or participate in an entertaining activity to build brand or product awareness at the Welcome Party. Any activity must be pre-approved by Digital Bond by November 1, and approval will be based on whether it will contribute to the attendee enjoyment of the party.
  • Listed in all appropriate S4x19 materials as a Welcome Party Sponsor.
  • Special mention on Tuesday Break Slides and thank you on Wednesday Morning Break Slides.
  • Promoted by event MC on Tuesday, and in a thank you at the start of Wednesday.
  • Two additional complimentary admissions (four total) for all S4x19 sessions and social events.
  • Up to eight attendees total at the Welcome Party.

CABANA SESSION SPONSOR (3 Total, Sold Out) at $20,000

Wednesday afternoon we move S4 outside to the S4 Hotel Pool. This is always rated highly by the Sponsors and attendees as it gives everyone time to talk, establish relationships and enjoy being in Miami South Beach in January. There is food, drink and entertainment.

Basic Sponsors get a basic cabana, approximately 9’x9’.

Cabana Session Sponsors get an area around the pool 2+ times the size of a Basic Sponsor cabana.

Cabana Session sponsors are required to have an entertaining activity in their area. There is plenty of room for this fun activity, a demo area for your system and room to sit and relax with key targets and clients.

These are prime locations and if there is not an entertaining activity, it hurts the entire Cabana Session. All Cabana Session Sponsors must have their activity approved by Digital Bond by September 15. If this does not happen, Digital Bond has the right to return the sponsors payment and cancel the sponsor package. We will work with you in the months prior to September 15 and do not want to cancel any sponsorships.

In addition to the larger Cabana you get:

  • Listed in all appropriate S4x19 materials as a Cabana Session Sponsor.
  • Signs in the Jackie Gleason Theater on Wednesday, and opportunity to hand out materials related to your entertaining activity at the Cabana Sessions as people walk out of the theater to go to the Cabana Sessions.
  • Special mention on Wednesday Break Slides and thank you on Thursday Morning Break Slides.
  • Promoted by event MC on Wednesday and thank you at the start of Thursday.
  • Two additional complimentary admissions (four total) for all S4x19 sessions and social events.
  • Up to eight attendees total at the Cabana Sessions.