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The Hill reports that “President Obama and senior administration officials participated in a simulated cyberattack exercise on Tuesday. The simulation, which was sponsored by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), examined how the federal government would respond to an attack that caused physical damage to the nation’s critical infrastructure.” Great idea.

The lack of denials and the FBI investigation and congressional hearings on the NY Times Stuxnet story leaks indicate that the story was basically right. I’m looking forward to reading Confront and Conceal on a long flight this weekend. The week saw lots of opinion pieces on what this means for cyberwar. It’s an interesting question, but I’m not sure that the NY Times article really changed anything. These same discussions were taking place at places responsible for offensive and defensive warfare, just not as much in the public square, because most people believed it was US and Israel before the article.

Robert O’Harrow of the Washington Post began a series titled Zero Day. I had a chance to talk with him at S4, and his goal of this series is to explain the issue to the general public in terms your mom and dad would understand. Part two of the series was on ICS. If your parents don’t like to read they can to listen to Bob on the Dianne Rehm show.

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