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We will have an article next week summarizing the Black Hat, BSides and Defcon ICS related papers. So far the most interesting items are Ruben Santamarta’s backdoor in the Schneider ION smart meter and two tools that test and hack optical ports on smart meters. One is from Don Weber of InGuardians and the other is from SecureState.

Patrick Coyle has been reviewing the details in Senate Bill 3414 on his Chemical Facility Security News blog. It’s the kind of bill that happens when you can’t get people to agree on anything that might work and have an impact, but still want to pass something that says cybersecurity. President Obama has formally thrown his support behind the bill.  Still waiting for any hint that this is not dead on arrival in the House.

The European Edition of SANS SCADA Security Summit, Dec 10-11 in Barcelona, has prolific ICS vulnerability hunter Luigi Auriemma as a keynote speaker. His keynote is simple titled Update on Security Vulnerability Research.

Forbes covers the air traffic control SCADA protocol of the future, ADS-B. There were also talks of vulnerabilities in this protocol at Black Hat and coming up at Defcon.

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