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I will be presenting at EnergySec 2013 in Denver this year, and will be at the conference to hear some of the great lineup that the EnergySec crew has put together. The EnergySec organization was originally  formed as a loose group of security, response, and energy professionals in the Pacific Northwest who came together to discuss their challenges. The group grew over the years, and went national when interest peaked, forming a 501c(3) corporation. They were uniquely positioned within industry to receive a funding opportunity for the National Electric Cyber Security Organization (NESCO) in 2010, and have served as an information sharing organization for over a decade.

EnergySec members and attendees can tweet using the #ESS13 hashtag, and I will be posting periodic updates regarding the conference, presentations, and other fun on the Digital Bond blog.  If you happen to catch me, say hello.

Today’s activities consist of a workshops for early attendees on the NERC CIP regulations, and other standards based approaches to cyber security in the electric sector. I will be attending (if Steve allows) his workshop on CIP V5. We had a great discussion in the bar last night, and can’t wait to see what he has put together for the 101. After a welcome, evening activities consist of a hacking demonstration against Tony Stark’s Arch Reactor by FoxGuard Solutions’s Monta Elkins.

For those interested, the Agenda is here. See you in Denver!

Edit: Updated the hashtag, original added in a unnecessary ’20’.