The agenda is up and registration is open for the first S4xJapan, Oct 14-15 in Tokyo. There is space for 100 people so register now to get your spot.

Tuesday, October 14th is Operations Technology day (OTDay). Attendees will learn proven techniques to run a reliable and secure ICS. There will be sessions on virtualization in ICS, unidirectional gateways, wireless on the plant floor and more. I will have a session that shows how to use assessment tools on an ICS in production without causing an operational impact and obtaining maximum information.

We are proud to announce that the Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation (KIPS) will take place as the last session of OTDay. Kaspersky graciously has translated KIPS into Japanese and will have a team of native Japanese speakers to lead everyone through the simulation. KIPS has received great reviews at ICS events, and we are pleased to bring it to Japan for the first time.

After KIPS is open stay and enjoy food and drink and connect with fellow ICS security professionals at the S4xJapan social event. Also enjoy a great view of Tokyo at night from the 49th Floor of the Mori Building in Roppongi where S4xJapan is being held.

Wednesday is the main day of S4xJapan where we move from good security practice to leading and bleeding edge ICS security research. They include a variety of perspectives:

  • Offensive – Reid Wightman’s session on Vulnerability Inheritance where he will show examples of third party software integrations leading to compromise in Japanese ICS
  • Defensive – Wataru Machii’s session on dynamic zoning based on operational mode
  • Intelligence – Chris Sistrunk and Kyle Wilhoit showing new data from observed ICS attack techniques
  • Education – Learn in detail what Havex does to ICS applications and devices
  • Tragedy – See the survey of Internet accessible ICS applications and devices in Japan

We will be previewing many of the sessions and other S4xJapan information on the digitalbond.com and digitalbond.jp sites.

Some of the delay in opening the registration is we have been working hard to make this a Japanese event. Of course there will be simultaneous translation English/Japanese or Japanese/English as necessary, and we searched hard to find the best individual translators with security and technical knowledge. But is more than just that:

  • approximately half of the sessions are in Japanese, and the other half are in English.
  • the presentation slides will have key content translated. I saw this at one JPCERT session, and it was even more helpful than the simultaneous translations.
  • an ICS security expert fluent in Japanese and English will handle the Q&A. Q&A translation of technical questions is a common failure.
  • we have an Internet based Q&A engine so attendees can ask questions anonymously if desired.
  • The Kaspersky KIPS is in Japanese.
  • more surprises to come.

If you have any questions or difficulties registering contact us at s4@digitalbond.com.