This is the best value service. Dale Peterson provides a lot of general analysis of the ICS Security and OT markets in his videos, podcasts, articles and events. The retainer service is your opportunity to have one on one time with Dale and get his advice on your specific issues.

The retainer service is simple. You can schedule a call or email Dale as needed to discuss an issue related to ICS security or OT. 

Many questions do not require a multi-week investigation and a long report. Brainstorming ideas, pulling from related examples, discussing strategies, and just plain drawing on the experience Dale has and information he has available can be big and timely assistance. The insight you need can often be quickly uncovered in a some Q&A and discussion, and at a much lower price and without the hassle of setting up a project contract.

Companies on retainer have had gotten the assistance they needed to answer important questions in hours or days and at a retainer price as compared to a multi-month project with a price of $30K, $50K or more. 

The retainer service is available for asset owners, vendors and venture capital firms.

The retainer service is a set monthly fee with a three-month minimum. If you are interested or have questions contact us using the form below.




PAS OPTICS Virtual ... Oct 27-28

Dale will keynote on the ICS Security Market & Integration With Enterprise Solutions.

Applied-Risk Nightwatch 2020 Virtual ... Nov 19

Dale will keynote on Adding Consequence To Your Risk Management Strategy.

Fortinet Secure OT 2020 Virtual ... Nov 23

Dale will keynote on Innovation Through Disruption.

S4x22 ... 25-27 Jan 2022 in Miami South Beach

Save the date. Big comeback event after one year off!

2020 Past Events

Hack The Capitol Virtual -

Led panel discussion on VC for ICS Security companies

OT-ISAC Virtual Keynote

ICSJWG Virtual Meeting

The Future of ICS Security Products (video)

S4x20 in Miami South Beach

See the videos from the event.