Digital Bond Archives 

In 2018 we moved the content to for consulting and public speaking and for S4 content. The old site hosted almost 2000 blog entries. This was before social media, and we were putting out about 7 per week. We have moved the still pertinent half of those to this site, and you can see them archived by year.

Most of the research projects have been dorment for a number of years including the Quickdraw ICS IDS signatures, Bandolier Security Audit Files, Portaledge SCADA SIEM, Redpoint Nmap NSE Scripts, PLC Honeynet, Basecamp Metasploit Modules and more. Now that there is a market for ICS security products these proof of concept research has served its purpose. Some of the remnants of these products are available on Github.

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Information on S4 Events


Sept 19-20 in Sochi, Russia

I'll give a keynote at the Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Conference 2019. I spoke at this event in 2017, and Kaspersky is always a tremendous host. Hopefully some of my Russian followers will be there.

S4x20 ... Jan 21 - 23 in Miami South Beach

Make sure you mark your calendar for the largest and most advanced OT / ICS Security event. And you can catch up on past S4 on the S4xEvents YouTube Channel.


April 11th in Cebu

A private event where I'll discuss the future of attacks on and defense of Level 1 devices (PLC's). A lot changed in 2018, and this is just a hint as to what is coming.

March 5th in San Francisco

I moderated an event by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre to promote leading edge cybersecurity countries in the region. 

February 4th in New Orleans

Best Practices in Utility Security at Distributech. (See the video) I spoke about Real Time Network and Asset Monitoring at this new event. Lot's to say after the S4x19 ICS Detection Challenge experience.